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The music industry is one of the biggest industries in the world and it has changed over the past years. Ha La Entertainment has been apart of that change, growing, becoming better, and figuring out how we can utilize new ideas. Even though music is our foundation, Ha La Entertainment has grown into more than just a label but a multi-entertainment company.

Ha La Entertainment was founded in 2005 by Larry Poteat and is run by CEO, Co-Executive Producer Teyonka Poteat and President Larriet Emari. Ha La Entertainment is a pioneer in the Entertainment Industry and a family owned company. Our roster includes Billboard charted artist Lorence Michaels, Mikey Smit, and Larriet Emari. We not only house talented artists but producers, composers, writers, designers including web design, sound engineers, film directors, editors and much more.


Our creators have a platform to launch and develop successful careers. We all share the same passion for the arts and are always open-minded to new innovations. Ha La has grown so much that our very own Mikey Smit opened up a new branch of the company called Soul&Gutta, Ha La Entertainment's royalty Hip-Hop. Ha La Entertainment East was opened in 2019 to represent our growth from the west coast to the east coast and eventually global. We believe in our art and strive to connect with people across the world. We are creators and innovators.  

Please visit www.gotyousmitten for Soul&Gutta updates and clothing!

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Teyonka Poteat

Ha La Entertainment's CEO/CFO.